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Dr. Hansen's Journal

How We Make Parenting Easy: The Peak Pediatric Care Difference

February 3, 2022

Whether it’s eating and sleeping when they’re babies, driving and social media when they’re teens, or any age in between, parenting is a challenge with highs and lows. Some days it’s your favorite job and some days you fear that if you have to make one. more. decision. your head might explode.

We can’t rock your baby at 3 a.m. or take that call from the assistant principal. But we can make parenting easier by removing common barriers to health and wellness.

With an eye to comfort, wellness, easy communication, and streamlined logistics, we designed the Peak Pediatric Care office with a goal to help you seamlessly and easily get the care you need.

Seven ingredients that make parenting easy

  1. No phone tag
    Connecting with your doctor shouldn’t take an all-day game of phone tag. We’ve adopted the simple and straightforward Spruce app as a communication tool that lets you send secure, HIPAA-compliant text messages to get urgent medical advice or request a same-day appointment. For non-urgent needs, you can use our patient portal to ask questions, get appointments, request forms and refills, and get lab results when you have time to reach out—even if that’s 11 o’clock at night!
  2. Get answers to common questions online
    We all know that moment when our kids get sick with new symptoms, and we’re not sure what to do. Our website features helpful resources—including an online symptom checker, fever guide, and dosing guide for common over-the-counter medication—that can help you decide whether to contact us or watchfully wait.
  3. A calm and welcoming space
    We know that it’s easier to talk to your doctor when you—and your child—feel comfortable. No cold and drab exam rooms here. We’ve designed a modern, open, relaxing office space designed to calm and welcome kids and parents from the minute you walk in the door. Some of our exam rooms even take a new approach, replacing the exam table with additional comfortable seating for a less “clinical” feel. Keep an eye out for our office dog/mascot, Boma, who loves to say hi and keep kiddos calm when they’re feeling a little nervous.
  4. Seamless bill payment
    No more hunting to find your checkbook (and a stamp!), or having to keep track of bills that arrive weeks after your appointment and make multiple phone calls to reach someone to pay it. When you keep a credit card on file securely with our payment processing vendor, you can get in and out quickly, knowing your bill will be automatically paid.
  5. Complete forms at your convenience
    Arriving early to fill out a bunch of boxes and forms while your kids crawl all over the waiting room? We’ve been there (and we hope never to go back). At Peak Pediatric Care you can fill out all of your forms digitally on your phone or computer, at a time that works for you, before coming in.
  6. Feel safe in the waiting room
    No parent wants to bring their healthy kid in for a visit, only to have them bring germs home. (And we know that no parent of a sick kid wants to spread what they’ve got.) Our office has a separate door for sick visits, and we work with ill patients to bring them into an exam room directly from their car, to bypass the general waiting room, and keep germ-sharing to a minimum.
  7. Medical care that sees the big picture
    Too often, medical professionals look at a narrow concern within their specialty. Dr. Hansen is trained in integrative medicine, allowing her to offer a different approach to your child’s healthcare that looks at the big picture. This leads to a focus on overall wellness and a treatment plan that incorporates medically comprehensive solutions that also consider stress, mental health, lifestyle, and nutrition. In practice, this approach lends itself to treatments that work for your family, are more enduring, and increase overall wellness.

At Peak Pediatric Care, we’re parents too. We know that barriers to wellness and medical treatment are the last things you need.

The team at our family-run practice has worked together for years and watched so many of our families grow. We set out to make parenting easier, and on top of how we’ve designed our office, we know that everything feels easier when you feel known.

To our Peak families, thanks for being a part of this journey and letting us partner with you!

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